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189 - An elf wizard who has reached the highest SDM level possible without Mage gear.

1k - The highest level in the game, or a character who has reached this level

201 - An elf wizard who has reached the highest SDM possible with Dragon Pit gear.

AD - Acestos Desert (area)

ADD - Acestos Deep Desert (area)

ADET - All Dexterity Elf Thief

Adm - Admantium

AEG - All Endurance Giant

AEGW - All Endurance Giant Warrior

AEGT - All Endurance Giant Thief

Aegis, Aegs, Aggies - Aegiscian(s) (monster)

AIEW - All Intelligence Elf Wizard

AMA - Anti-Magic Aura (find only spell)

AMS - Arch Mage's Shirt

AMP - Arch Mage's Pants

AO - Ancient One (mist monster)

AoA - Amulet of Adventure

AoC - Amulet of Combat or Amulet of Choking

AoChoke - Amulet of Choking

AoD - Amulet of Dexterity or Amulet of Dodging

AoDMP - Amulet of Death Magic Protection

AoE - Amulet of Endurance

AoFW - Amulet of Free Will

AoI - Amulet of Intelligence

AoS - Amulet of Strength

AR - Armor Rating

ASEW - All Strength Elf Warrior

ASHW - All Strength Human Warrior

ASG - All Strength Giant

ASGW - All Strength Giant Warrior

BC - Bonecrusher (magical club)

BD - Baby Dragon (monster)

BH - Bounty Hunter (monster)

BoB - Bracers of Battle

BoC - Belt of Carrying

BoD or BoDs - Bracers of Density or Bracers of Defense, sometimes Boots of Density

BoDef - Bracers of Defense

BoE or BoEs - Boots of Evasion

BoHPU - Belt of Holding Pants Up (a plain old belt... get it?)

BoL - Belt of Load (cursed item)

BoN or BoNs - Boots of Nimbleness

BoS - Belt of Strength

BoT or BoTs - Boots of Tripping (cursed item)

BoW - Belt of Weakness (cursed item)

BP - Backpack or build point

BPoB - Breastplate of Battle

BW - Bloodwood (area)

CF - Caer Fandry (town)

Champ - Champion (mist monster)

CK - Crypt Keeper (monster)

CoD - Church of Damnation (cave)

CoI - Cowl of Immortality

CM - Codemasters (former game owners)

CS - Critical Strike

DC - Duach's Crystal (used to cast Duach's Vengeance one time)

DD - (Acestos) Deep Desert (usually called ADD)

DF - Dark Fleshie

DF - Devon Forest (area)

DG - Dark Gauntlet (Duach's Temple cave)

DK - Daemon King (monster)

DP - Dragon Pit (dungeon)

DR - Death Raffle (trading term)

DT - Death Touch (spell) or Duach's Thorn (weapon)

DV - Drear Valley (area) or Duach's Vengeance (Find only "god" spell)

DW - Death Wish (Necromancy spell) or Despothes' Wrath (Find only "god" spell)

EA - Executioner's Axe

EB - Enid's Blessing (Find only "god" spell)

EF - Electric Fury (Elementalism spell)

EF - Emerald Forest (area)

EH - Event Host

EJ - Elphame's Justice (Find only "god" spell)

EL - East Leinster (town)

Elem - Elemental (monster, they come in 4 flavors: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air)

EM - Evil Minion (mist monster)

EN - Enid's Needle (weapon)

ESH - Enid's Safe Haven (cave)

Faf - Fafnir (really big dragon)

Fin - Finvarra (god of war) or the various magical items associated with him

FF - Finvarra's Fist or Fafnir's Fang (weapons)

FHP - Festering Hate Pool (cave)

FoD - Forest of Death (area)

FQ - Faery Queen (monster that can also be summoned to fight for a player)

Fufu - Fuloran (monster)

FWH - Female Warrior's Helm

GBoN or GBoNs - "Glowie" Boots of Nimbleness

GBoT or GBoTs - "Glowie" Boots of Tripping (cursed item, that people still want)

GH - Greater Hives (cave)

GM - Game Moderator (any game staff)

GoF - Greaves of Fortitude

GoM - Girdle of Might

GoW - Gust of Wind (Level 3 find-only Elementalism spell)

Grem - Gremlin (maze monster)

GTrib - Glowie Tribune Helm

GVik - Glowie Viking Helm

GWC - Glowie Wizard's Cap

Harl, Harlie, Harly - Harlequin (maze monster)

HG - Hunter Green (Level 1000 baldric)

HoC - Helm of the Conqueror

HoD - Helm of Defense or Head of Death (Implementor only spell)

HoEN - Helm of Nourishment

HoF - Helm of the Fianna (often just called a Fianna)

HoI - Helm of Intelligence

HoK - Helm of the Khan

HoN - Helm of Nourishment

HoP - Helm of the Predator

HoS - Hood of Shifting

HoZ - Helm of the Berserker

HP - Health points

HS - Hell Snake (monster)

IC - Imp City (cave) or Ironwood Cudgel (weapon)

IH - Imp Haven (cave)

IK - Imp King (monster)

Ill Foe - Illusionary Foe (find-only spell)

JBB - Jelly Bean Bag (old GM drop item)

JBB w/ JB - Jelly Bean Bag with the jelly beans still inside

JoL - Jack O'Lantern (also known as "Jacko")

JoS - Judgment of the Scepter (Despothes' Temple cave)

KF - Killing Fields (area)

KK - King Kilrog (monster)

Lab - Labyrinth (cave)

LF - Light Fleshie

LH - Lesser Hives (cave)

LL - Life Leech (sword)

MD - Mass Drain (Necromancy spell)

MDF - Medium Dark Fleshie

MDM - Melee Damage Modifier

MF - Medium Fleshie (seldom used, usually just "Fleshie")

MFF - Mabon's Forced Flee (Find only "god" spell)

MH - Mage Hat

MoM - Master of the Maze (maze monster)

MM - Magic Mail, Magic Mace, Middle Man (trading, mostly replaced by "MP") Mist Mage (mist monster) or sometimes Monmouth (town)

MMB - Maze Master's Baldric

MP - Middle Person (trading)

MW - Middle Woman (trading, mostly replaced by "MP")

MWH - Male Warrior's Helm

Myth - Mythril

NB - Natural Brown

NG - Norsemen Games (they own the Realm)

NH - North Havenwood

NL - North of Leinster (area, now known as North Havenwood)

NMH - Nightmare Helm

NS - Night Soul

NW - Natural White (very bright white)

Obs - Obsidianate

OE - Odin's Edge (weapon)

OoE - Orb of Extension

OoGH - Orb of Greater Healing

OoH - Orb of Holding or Orb of Healing

OoI - Orb of Immolation

OoTP - Orb of Teleportation

OoW - Orb of Wind

Pallie, Pally - Paladin (monster)

PP - Pickpocket

PoI - Plate of Invulnerability

PR - Perfect Rose (Used to cast Enid's Blessing)

Prot - Protector (mist monster)

PvE - Player vs. Environment (seldom used on Realm)

PvP - Player vs. Player

Rap - Rapscallion (maze monster)

RoD - Ring of Dexterity or Ring of Destruction

RoDex - Ring of Dexterity

RoE - Ring of Endurance

RoEN - Ring of Eternal Nourishment

RoG - Ring of Gender (unimplemented)

RoI - Ring of Intelligence

RoP - Ring of Power

RoU - Ring of Ugliness

RP - Roleplay or Royal Purple (Level 500 baldric)

RR - Ratling Run (area)

SB - Silverbrook (town), sometimes Spellbook

Scroll Haven - Imp Haven

SDM - Spell Damage Modifier

SH - South Havenwood (area)

SL - Storyline

SoIT - Shield of Infinite Thought

SoM - Servant of the Mists (big nasty monster)

SoT - Sword of Tiwaz

SS - Sandstorm (Level 3 find-only Elementalism spell)

SSR - Skill System Revamp

Targ's - Targoth's Tomb (cave)

TB - Thieves' Blade (sword)

TCowl - Thuriasz Cowl

TH - Thieves' Hole, sometimes Troll Haven or Troll Hideaway (caves)

TL - Troll Leather

TMMB - Tan Maze Master's Baldric

ToS - Test of Souls (Enid's Temple cave)

TS - Tempered Steel

TSash - Thistlebark Sash

Uppy - Uplander's Helm

USH - Undead Stronghold (cave)

VE - Vulcan Edge (sword)

ViH - Village Idiot's Hat

WH - West Havenwood

WH - Wizard's Hat

WL - West Leinster (town)

WoG - Wrath of the Gods (Thaumaturgy spell)

WoZ - Wand of Berzerk

WV - Wexfordshire Valley (area)

YMMB - Yellow Maze Master's Baldric