1. Hold down ALT key and press the Print Screen key. (If you just click Print Screen you get a screen shot of your whole screen, whereas "ALT" will give you just the current window).


2. Click Start button (bottom left corner of your windows screen)


3. Select Programs, then Accessories then select paint or paint shop pro.


3. Go to edit than paste, picture will appear.


4. Than go to top and click File, and then Save as, and give the picture a name.


5. Remember the directory where you are.


6. File will have a .clp extention


7. Go to your image program, such-as Paint Shop Pro, Choose File, then Choose Batch Conversion.


Fill out as follows:

File Name click on the file you want to change.

Files of Type click the arrow and then click CLP - Windows Clipboard

Click Options then, Choose: GIF -or- JPG -or PNG

Check "Output folder" this is the directory where your file will be saved.


8. Click on Start and it will convert the picture to a .gif or .jpg


9. Than save.


If you don't have Paint Shop Pro click to download Paint Shop Pro.