Maze with Wiz...long MM but worth it :D




Okay Z, here's how I do it.  With Harls there is little to no risk of dying.  I try Raps every once in a while, but they're a little dangerous at times...


Wear NMH and AoFW & have Ill Foe...110 MR with 60% Myst cast resist and a killer summon :D  I wear 2 RoI's since end items really won't help much if a Harl or Rap hit you.


-Cast extend before going into maze

-Jump Harl (don't def, just jump)

-cast extended freeze

-DO NOT take off AoFW, as Harl will still cast while frozen

-cast extend

-cast hold until cast goes through cast resist (can be a pain)

           -can take many rounds...extended freeze should last      around 20rnds, but I renew the ext freeze every 10 or so just to be sure

-When ext hold lands, take off AoFW.  (hold should be for 8 rounds)

-Summon Ill Foes for two rounds.

-Put AoFW back on b/c 2 Ill Foes can take out a harl in one round if they both attack and get no counters from the harl.  This way, if the harl dies in one round, you do not have to rush to re-equip AoFW after fight (which can be VERY dangerous).

-Continue to summon ill foes (or try to...cast resist) until myst immunity reads 9rounds...that means last round of hold.

-cast freeze when immunity goes down to 9 rounds.  This ensures the harl is frozen after hold wears off.

- If there are remaining ill foes, keep casting freeze every round until harl kills ill foes (that way he doesn't kill them and come for you or get released from freeze by their attacks and come for you anyways).

-If no more Ill foes, the safe thing to do is cast extended freeze and non-damage spells (invis, buff spells, def, etc)  until the MI wears off of Harl.  Then recast extended freeze and repeat process. Cast Extend after fight just to prepare for next fight in case you're jumped (so you don't have to flee).


-the slightly unsafe thing to do is to freeze harl once all ill foes are dead from his held time, then cast an ill foe.

-after summoning ill foe, cast freeze.  keep casting freeze until ill foe is dead.  Repeat process.


The reason this last part is slightly unsafe is that you may cast a freeze during the same round the harl casts on you.  This means that the ill foe will not finish his attacks or be killed before the freeze lands (which will automatically release the harl from the freeze).  This could be deadly, as one strike will likely kill you.  This is why it is suggested that you follow the safe route, even though it takes slightly longer.


This method can drop a harl very quickly, or can provide a frustratingly long fight (60% cast resist along with Harl resistance).  However, the rewards (in experience as well as treasure) are really good.  And always remember the drop pack just in case of an oops or an ambush!


If you want, get up with me when I'm on and I'll bring you along to show you.  Easy once you get the hang of it.  Had good luck with raps for a while (just freeze, def, summon ill foe, freeze until ill foe is dead, freeze, ill foe.....) but the last couple got me :D so I'm laying off of them for a while.


Good luck!