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                                     Realm Locations


                    By Werner, Updated June 15th, 2008



-- Open Dungeons --


Anvil, The        Arimathor  4L 25U (Ascetos Deep)

Ascetos Caverns   Asgard  1L 2D           (Ascetos Desert)

Barracks, The           Drune  2R 7U            (Winter Wold)

Beral's Supply Stores   Wen  5D 6R        (Wild Beyond)

              -and-     Asgard  4R 8D           (Wandering W.)

Church of Damnation     Wen  1R 9D        (Wild Beyond)

Daemon Home       Drune  5L 5U      (pw: Ezelberoth) (FoD)

Dark Gauntlet, The      West Leinster  1U 5R Altar 2L 1D  (Duach)           -or-    Wen  10D 9L(pw:Vanity)  (Wild Beyond)

Dragon Pit        Wen  6U 13R       (Fafnir's Swamp)

Enid's Safe Haven Silverbrook  2L 2U 6L   (Devon Forest)

Faery Caverns           West Leinster  5D 6R    (S. Havenwood)

Fenris Cave       Caer Fandry  2L 5D      (Emerald Forest)

Festering Hate Pool     Wen  6R 6U        (Zender'sWoods)

Forgotten Dungeon Kurz  4D 6R       (Bloodwood)

Fulorans Abode          Usk  2R 10D       (Winter Wold)

Greater Hives           Asgard  2L 12U          (Ascetos Desert)

Holy Caves        Kurz  2D 11R            (Forest of Death)

Imp City          E. Leinster  1U 5L Altar 1R 3U

                -or-    Caer Fandry  2L 9U      (Emerald Forest)

Imp Haven         W. Leinster  8D 6L      (Wandering W.)

Judgement of the Scept. E. Leinster  1U 6L Altar 1D 1L (Despothes)

                -or-    Wen  2U 14L       (Wandering W.)

Labyrinth, The          Kurz  2D 4R 9D          (avoids K.Fields)

                -or-    Kurz  4R 11D            (Bloodwood)

Lesser Hive       W. Leinster  2U 5L 1U   (W. Havenwood)

Maze, The         Kurz  10R 1D 4R 1U      (FoD short walk)

                -or-    Drune  7L 12U           (Forest of Death)

Naktos Morgue           West Leinster  6D (S. Havenwood)

Newbie Cave       East Leinster  2U 3R    (E. Havenwood)

Ogre Caverns            C. Fandry  1L 6D 1R 6D  (Emerald Forest)

Snake Pit         Drune  3D 13R           (The Barrens)

Targoth's Tomb          Kurz  1U 9L       (Leinster/Kurz)

Test of the Soul  (Enid)      E. Leinster  5L altar 1D 1L   (pw: Utopia)

                -or-    Silverbrook  9L 5D 1L   (Devon Forest)

Thieve's Hole           Drune  2D 11L           (Devon Forest)

Tor's Crypt       East Leinster  5D 1L    (S. Havenwood)

Troll's Haven           West Leinster  2R 9U    (Emerald Forest)

Troll's Hideaway        Kurz  2L 6D       (Bloodwood)

Troll Spit Cellar       E. Leinster  2U 1L inside     (East Leinster)

Tulors Caverns          Silverbrook  2U 9R      (The Barrens)

Undead Stronghold Wen  4U 7L        (Zender'sWoods)

Warrior's Abode         Drune  1L 7D            (Devon Forest)

Wen Clothing Cellar     Wen  1L inside          (Wen)

Zoo, The          E. Leinster  1U 5R 3U   (E. Havenwood)



-- Specialty Shops and Stands --


Music Cart        East Leinster  4L 1U    (instruments)

Flower Stand            West Leinster  2D 2R    (flowers & rings)

Corie's Coiffures Murias  1D        (fine hair dyes)

Kurz Merchantile        Kurz  1L                (10% surcharge)


Swap 'n Shop            West Leinster  2R 3U    (coppers only)

Gardens R Usk           Usk  1U 2R inside 1D    (coppers only)

(Copper items can be sold back to their copper shop for full price)


Marvin's Magic Megastore      (Special wares, in The Labyrinth)

     Kurz  2D 4R 9D, Enter cave, 2L, Door, 2L 2U 1L 1U, Door,

     3R 2U 1L, Door, 1R, Lever (pull sign), Lever (push sign), 1D,

     Lever, 1U (Janus sign), 1R, Lever, Lever again, 1U (store sign).

(Note: Marvin charges five times item value, not double as normal)



-- Spellbooks --


All store spells can be purchased in the Storyline Taverns.



-- Skillbooks --


E. Leinster  1D   Thrower, Hand Dagger, Short/Long Swords, Shield

W. Leinster  1U   Two-Handed Sword, Club, Mace, Axe, Maul

W. Leinster  1D   Claw/Unarmed, Acrobatics, Critical Strike

Usk  1L           Lock Picking, Trap Detection, Pickpocketing

Usk  1R           Weapon and Armor Smithing

C. Fandry 1L 1U   Alchemy, Meditation, Theurgism

E. Leinster 1U    Thaumaturgy, Elementalism, Necromancy

S.brook 1R 1D     Mysticism, Sorcery


(Healing, Tracking, and Blank Skillbook (for removing skills) are find-only and are not implemented)



-- Store Armor and Weapons --


Mythril and Tempered Steel Armor also sold in Storyline Taverns.


Kurz  3L          Armor in Iron and Steel

Murias  1L  Armor in Tempered Steel and Mythril

Silverbrook  1L   Armor in Leather and Troll Leather


Kurz  2D    Shields in Wood, Iron, and Steel

Drune  1R   Shields in Mythril and Tempered Steel


Usk  1D 1R  Weapons, Two-handed in Mythril, Tempered Steel

Wen  1R     Weapons, Two-handed in Wood, Iron, and Steel


Drune  1R   Weapons, One-handed and Throwers in Mythril                                   and Tempered Steel

Kurz  2D    Weapons, One-handed and Throwers in Wood,                                           Iron and Steel


-- Temple Locations --


In middle Leinster, there are teleport altars to all six temples near the Smiting Memorial (EL 6L).  Alternate routes are listed below.


     Enid:        Silverbrook  9L 4D      (Devon Forest)

     Mabon:       Caer Fandry  3L 6U      (Emerald Forest)

     Duach:       Wen  9D 7L        (Wild Beyond)

     Finvarra:          Kurz  3L 6U       (The Badlands)

     Elphame:           Usk  8D 3L        (Winter Wold)

     Despothes:         W. Leinster  12D 1R 1D  (Wandering W.)



-- Storyline Taverns --


Each sells one of the Storyline Baldrics (47.5k).  All have magic and equipment shops as well as tournament and meeting facilities.


     Light in The Forest:     Wen  1L 2D        (Enid)

     Valhalla Inn:            Asgard  1D 1R           (Despothes)

     The Scimitar:      Arimathor  3L 2U  (Duach)



-- Tournament Grounds --  (No item or experience loss upon death)


The Badlands      (originally Tourney Grove.  No treasure, no exp.)

     Kurz  2U


Town Training Grounds

     Arimathor  1D 2L

     Asgard  1D

     Kurz  1U 2R

     East Leinster  1D 1L

     West Leinster  1U 1R

     Monmouth  1U 2R

     Usk  1U 1L


Storyline Tavern Tourney Areas      (see "Storyline Taverns" above)



-- The Oasis and the sixteen Wilderness Shops --


The Oasis provides only Food, Drink, and Repair.

Wilderness shops offer more, but cost 10% higher than usual.


MarTull's Oasis         Arimathor  1U 1R 22U    (Ascetos Deep)


Adelyte's         Murias  5U 17L          (Wandering W.)

Ateed's                 East Leinster  8R 7D    (Zender'sWoods)

Cronus's          Arimathor  5R 9D  (Ascetos Desert)

DeSol Tib's       Monmouth  4U 14R  (Drear Valley)

Earc's                  Kurz  1U 15L            (Emerald Forest)

Fabienne's        Monmouth  1L 7U   (The Downs)

Ferris's                Monmouth  2D 13L  (Wild Beyond)

Jyotis's                Arimathor  10L 13U      (Ascetos Desert)

Kalkin's                Wen  2D 15L       (Wandering W.)

Prent's                 Drune  3D 8L            (Devon Forest)

Pyotr's                 Murias  2L 11U          (Wandering W.)

Qwen Ryche's            Drune  7D 11R           (The Barrens)

Solana's          Arimathor  15R 11U      (Ascetos Desert)

Vibeka's          Kurz  7D 8R       (Bloodwood)

Viljo's                 Usk  1L 13D       (Winder Wold)

Zaliki's                Murias  17R 2D          (Wild Beyond)



-- Parks  (no NPCs present) --


Iliana's Grove          East Leinster  5L altar

                -or-    Silverbrook  9L 4D

Isle Park         Caer Fandry  2R 1D

Memorial Gardens  Murias  1L 3D

                -or-    Murias  1R 3D           (3 screens)

Nuptial Garden          West Leinster  2D 6R 1U

Silver Park       Silverbrook  3R         (Barrens to right)

Stephen's Garden  West Leinster  3R (pw: Kerguelen)

Swimming Hole           Wen  8U 11R       (Fafnir's Swamp)

The Maze Entrance Drune  7L 12U           (Forest of Death)

                              (Altar exits Drune  1L 2U)

The Meadow (in DV)      Silverbrook  3D 15R     (via Barrens)

                -or-  Monmouth 1U 14R 10U 6R(via Downs)



-- Fountains, Points of Interest --  (NPC's present, except in-town)


Asceto's Fountain Arimathor  7R 8U  (Asceto's Desert)

Burned Forest (8-room)  Arimathor  8L 10U (Asceto's Desert)

Dyana's Grove           Silverbrook  6L 6U      (Devon Forest)

Eternal Flame           West Leinster  8U 3L    (Emerald Forest)

Pumpkin Patch           Usk 2U 2R  (if festival)      (in-town)

Gnarled Leg Tavern      West Leinster  3U 1L    (in-town)

Loch Murk         Usk  2D 5L        (Winter World)

Smiting Memorial  East Leinster  6L       (in-town)

Stonehedge        Arimathor  11R 16U      (Asceto's Desert)

The Arena (1st PVParea) Kurz  6R 2U       (Killing Fields)

The One Acadamy   West Leinster  2R 2U    (in-town)

Wandering Lake(8-room)Murias  3U 12L            (Wandering W.)

W. Havenwood Fountain   West Leinster  3D 7L    (W. Havenwood)

Wexfordshire Fountain   Murias  8R 6U           (Wexfordshire V)




-- end --