Selected Cave Details





Inside directions for a few of the most popular but confusing caves.  Many others merit detailing, but are not covered in this MMail yet.






- The Labryinth

     Treasure Sarcophogas

     Marvin's MegaStore

- Caves with God Altars

     Test of the Soul

     Judgement of the Scepter

     The Dark Gauntlet

- Perfect Roses

- To Find the Oasis in ADD





                                    The Labyrinth:


                                    Drune, 2U 16L



Treasure Sarc in The Labyrinth:  (two required fights)


1L, door, 1L, 2U, 1R, door, 1R, door, 1D, fight, 1L, fight, 1L to sarc


2L, door, 2L, 2U, 1L, 1U, 1L,     door, 1D, fight, 1L, fight, 1L to sarc



Marvins Shop in The Labyrinth:  (shortest route)


1L, door, 1L, 4U, 1R, door, fight, 1R, lever, 1D, lever, 1U, 1R, lever, lever, 1U



Easy Route to Marvin's Magic Megastore:  (regular, longer route)


1)  Get to The Labryinth, from Drune go 2U and 16L

2)  From Entrance, go 2L, and take the stairs down

3)  Follow dungeon to the left and up until you come to a second

      staircase (the one with torch)

4)  Take the stairs up

5)  Follow dungeon to the right, and go 2U to the room with torch

6)  Go 1L and take the stairs up

7)  Go 1R and pull the lever

8)  Pull lever in the room you just appeared in

9)  Go 1D and pull the lever

10) Go 1U and 1R, pull the lever

11) Pull lever in the room you just appeared in

12) Go 1U and you are at Marvin's





                           Dungeons with God Altars


The three dungeons with god altars do not affect toon alignment.  You must adjust your alignment before entering, in order to obtain the desired affect at the altar.  None yeild any treasure, with the exception of Test of the Soul, which has red roses near the altar, and two perfect roses (see PR section).  All three have ambushes.


Altar effects last for 360 rounds, which is 6 hours outside of battle.  The altars now cancel any previous curses or blessings on the toon when assigning the new curse or blessing, whereas previously, multiple curses and blessings could be obtained.


The changes to toon appearance have also been updated; it's no longer possible to get no face, and yellow skin from Duach's Altar, for example.  The new Altars all affect either hair or skin color, a special hair color for each blessing, and blue skin for all curses.


Hair color and it's corresponding highlight color is an immediate indication of the blessing, and the highlight color around blue skin indicates which curse a cursed toon has.



"Good"    alignments are: Beautific, Good, and Benevolent. (green)

"Neutral" alignments are: Benign, Neutral, and Malignant.      (blue)

"Evil"      alignments are: Malevolent, Evil, and Demonic.        (red)



Test of the Soul Altar:  (pw:  Utopia)  Silverbrook 7L 5D 1L


Enter, 1R, fight, 1R, door, 1R, 1U, 4R, 2U, 1R, 1U, 1R, 2U, 1R, 2U, 1L, 2U, 1R, 1U, 2R, fight, 2R, 1D, 2R, 1U, 1R, 5U, 1L, 3U, 4L, 2D, fight, 1L, 3D, 1R, fight, 1U to Altar.


Affect Assignment: Good=Enid's Mark, Neutral & Evil=Enid's Curse.


Enid's Mark:  White-green Hair and Immunity to Death Magic.

"Enid is pleased with the prayer of <toon>. <toon> has been blessed with immunity to death magic for 6 hours!"


Enids Curse:  Blue-green Skin and Immunity to Healing Magic.

"Enid is angered by the prayer of <toon>. <toon> has been cursed with healing magic immunity for 6 hours!"




The Dark Gauntlet Altar:  (pw:  Vanity)   Wen, 10D 9L


Enter, 1R, 1D, fight, 1R, door, 1D, 1R, 4D, 2L, fight, 1L, 2D, 1L, 1D, 3L, 1U, 1L, 1U, fight, 1U, 2R, 3U, 1R, fight, 1D to altar.


Assignment:  Evil=Duach's Mark,  Good & Neutral=Duach's Curse.


Duach's Mark:  Black-red Hair and 90% Poison Immunity.

"Duach is pleased with the prayer of <toon>. <toon> has been blessed with 90% poison resistance for 6 hours!"


Duach's Curse: Blue-red Skin,Shield Magic Immune,Damage Weak

"Duach is angered by the prayer of <toon>. <toon> has been cursed with immunity to resistance spells and constant damage weakness for 6 hours!"




Judgement of the Scepter Altar:  (pw: -none-)  Wen, 2U 14L   -or-

------------------------------------   East Leinster, 7L 1D Altar 1D 1L


                                  <Dungeon Entry>

Left Door                                /                                  Right Door

2L 1U 1R 1U 1R 1D, Door         /        2R 1U 1L 1U 1L 1D, Door

                                 <Central Corridor>

                                       9U to levers

Left Lever                               /                                Right Lever

1R 2U 1R 1U 1R 5U,                 /         1L 2U 1L 1U 1L 5U,

7R, 4U, Lever                          /         1L(*) 2U 3L 1U 3L 1U, Lever

                                  <Final Corridor>          (* = 1-way barrier)

                                       5U to Altar


Assign:  Neutral=Despothes' Mark, Good & Evil=Despothes' Curse.


Despothes' Mark: Blue-blue Hair, Lightining Immo, Cold Weakness.

"Despothes is pleased with the prayer of <toon>. <toon> has been blessed with lightning immolation and a weakness to cold damage for 6 hours!"


Despothes' Curse:  Blue-blue Skin, Lightninig Weakness.

"Despothes is angered by the prayer of <toon>. <toon> has been cursed with a weakness to lightning for 6 hours!"





                                     Perfect Roses



Test of the Soul Perfect Roses:  (pw: Utopia) SilverBrook, 7L 5D 1L


West: 1R, fight, 1R,door, 1R, 4U, 1L, 2U, 1L, 1U, 1L, fight, 1U,Rose

East: 1R, fight,1R,door,1R, 1U, 5R, 1D,1R,1D,1R, fight,1R, 2D,Rose





                               To Find Oasis in ADD:



If you are lost in ADD, and you need to get to the Oasis, walk up as far as you can go, then start walking right.  Go up if you are able, then continue to walk right.  If you can't go up or right, then head left instead.  You are looking for a screen that has a group of three good sized bushes on it.  When you find that screen, walk down about four screens and you will hit the Oasis (or the Anvil).


If you instead run into the entrance for the Anvil Dungeon, then walk back up to the top and head right again untill you find the other group of three bushes, and then walk four down to the Oasis.