Dark Gautlet: To get Black hair;


Through the Trap Door: Password is "Vanity" 1d, 1r, 4d, 3l, 3d ,4l, 1u, 1l, 2u, 3r, 2u


Test Of Souls: For white hair;


Test of the Soul 1R ... Password "Utopia" go in door 1r, 1u, 4r, 2u,1r, 1u, 1r, 2u, 1r, 2u, 1l, 2u, 1r, 1u, 4r, 1d, 3r, 6u, 1l, 3u, 4l, 2d, 1l, 3d, 1r, 1u


Perfect Roses in TotS

Easy PR 1R(must fight seraph) 1R Door(utopia), 1R,1Up,5R,1D,1R,1D,1R (fight Clerics)1R,2D(take PR and tp out)