Wizzie Leveling Guide




This guide is not the ONLY way to do things. Gear preferences are listed at the end of this mail.


Start your Wiz with a Good alignment, this gets you Lev. 2 Thaum and Lev. 1 Sorc spells to begin with. Get a enchanted throwing dagger and learn 2-3 levels of Throwing Weapon to start. Use your thrower to level and work on your Thaum skill, working your way counter-clockwise around Leinster.


Wizards are fragile, being Invisible is GOOD, it is assumed you will ALWAYS be invisible. Greater Invisibility potions are your friend. Also to help be more stable, at least one endur is recommended. Many usually go for 2.


Once you have at least Summon Faery (Nymphs or Faery Queens being better) switch to Wandering Woods, FoD  or Killing Fields to hunt Devils.


Once you have FQ's, Devils become much faster or if the exp is  getting too low, you may want to try Kilrogs in Winter Wold or The Downs. Tactics for all of these is to stay invisible at all times and keep summons up at all times.


Once Thaum is GM'd I attained the other magics in the following order:

Sorcery, Myst, Med, Necro, and then Elem.

You can GM all this by lev 130ish.


Once Mysticism is GM'd you can start to fight larger and larger groups of monsters safely by using Shift (spell/potions/Hood of Shifting) and Mass Berserk and using Wrath of the Gods or Multiblade for damage. (Groups of snakes are suggested for this tactic)


Hunting snakes continues until around 200ish. Festering Hate Pool and the Daemon Kings in the Barrens are alternatives to fighting snakes.


Around 200ish you get to spend lots of time in Greater Hives..lots of time. Find some nice person with 3k+ hp to give you a ride to Greater Hives. Recommended to put a Endur item or two on so you can take a few hits.


Tactics for 1st fight in the Hives (against 5 Hornets):

      1 - Cast Arctic Grasp, Fire Grasp, & Immo on each hornet.

      2 - Get Shifting, Invulnerablity, and Extended Invisibility on.

      3 - Attack by casting Defenselessness.

      4 - Mass Beserk

      5 - Re-Mass Beserk if needed, try for all of them, or at least 4.

      6 - Mass Drain many rounds while they self-destruct.

      7 - Before Shift Potion wears off, cast Extended Shift.

      8 - Keep mass draining to stay healed.

      9 - Cast Berserk or Mass Beserk as needed to re-zerk them

              when their Myst Immunity wears off.

      10 - Mass Drain more to heal (cast Daemons or Faery Queens

              if needed to distract unzerked Hornets)

      11 - Mass Drain till all but one is gone.

      12 - Cast Death Wish on survivor, til only 1 round is left on

              his Immunity, be sure to stay Shifted.

      13 - Cast Freeze on survivor.

      14 - Cast Extension.

      15 - Cast Shift (extended)

      16 - Finish off last with Death Wish.

      17 - Leave Dungeon and Rinse and Repeat


A more dangerous alternative is Finvarra's Swamps Right of Wen fighting groups of "slime." They hit harder then the hornets and move more, so keep Invul and Shift up at all times. And use the same basic tactics as Hornets except you don't have to buff them.


GH is "the" place for the solo wizzy, you will spend many long lonely hours there, for light relief trips to Tulors, FHP and Snake Pit can be fun. Also once beyond lvl 300 or so taking the right hand (Evil path) in Anvil is both good fun and great experience, but do not attempt to go beyond 8 fights, the Evil Minion in the next one will kill you in short order:)


If your comfort level is high enough, a Nightmare Helm (lev. 150+) and Amulet of Free Will, will allow you to visit the Maze and fight Harlequins using Ill. Foe. (can usually find another Magic Mail or explanation in Ch.4 on how to go about these fights.)


All of the above assumes you will be hunting solo, joining a group opens up all new possibilities and can drastically change your approach as to which magics should be learned and when.



                       GEAR PREFERENCES FOR WIZZIES


AoEndurance, AoIntel



2 RoEndurance 2 RoIntel



Fin Sash



Any Mundane Helm. Possible magical upgrades:

Nightmare Helm (150), Mage's Hat (425), Hood of Shifting (100)



Finvarra's Cowl, Thurisaz Cowl, Mythril Cowl



Troll Leather Tunic/Shirt



Finvarra's Belt, BoCarry, BoStrength



Troll Leather



Finvarra's Shoes/Boots, Boots of Nimbleness



Finvarra's Bracers, Bracers of Defense



Mythril Round Shield



FIVED Adm Thrower or FIESD Stinger, FIVED Uruz Dagger(lvl 200)