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Good hunting. The phrase has become a ubiquitous wish of good fortune in the Realm, but one needs more than wishes to achieve good hunting.


Hunt to your abilities, avoid hunting critters that are beyond your ability to safely handle. Slow and steady progress is better than flashing foward with a few big kills and then falling back from an untimely death. Don't die. Period. It is too expensive and that expense only grows as you advance in levels.


If you can gain 1000 experince points in a 10 minute fight you have done well. Three such fights in a half hour and you've pulled in nearly a third of a level. But if you are forced to flee every third fight then instead of 3000 you're gaining only 1500 points per half hour. And if you happen to die, forget any thought of a gain, you're in the hole. On the other hand, suppose you settle for hunting critters that are easy for you to kill but yield a paltry 200 points per victory. Easier opponent, faster kill time. Such fights can often be done in 5 minutes or less. That comes out to 1200 points in a half hour. Not quite as speedy as taking on the more difficult opponents but it is nonetheless a steady gain and it has been achieved without risk.


Of course, facing a dangerous opponent, taking on the risk, and winning the big gain is where the fun is. It's all matter of outlook and what you are wishing to achieve. But don't die. Never. Ever. Play the game in the manner that best suits your personality but take as your motto "Dying is not allowed".


Check the Area and the Dungeon Synopses from the above links for guides on where to hunt.


FYI: Yes, of course I have died... and at a high enough level to make me acutely aware of the cost. How else could I have learned to say "Dying is not allowed"?