This is easy enough at a lower lvl. You might die through some fluke but when you are getting 10k per battle you make it up quick. By lvl 200 you should never die there again. Wear a HOS if you have one. step 1 is not necessary.

1 - don elementalism amulet and cast immo on each hornet.

2 - remove amulet

3 - cast strength, fire grasp, and arctic grasp on each. (no dex) 4 - get shifting, invulnerablity, and extended invisibility on.

5 - wear necro amulet

6 - Cast extension

7 - Mass zerk

8 - re-mass zerk if needed, try for all of them, or at least 4. 9- mass drain many rounds while they self-destruct

10- before shift potion wears off, cast shift (will be extended)

11- keep mass draining to stay healed, till their immunity wears off 12 -cast single berserk or mass zerk as needed to re-zerk them.

13 -mass drain more to heal (cast daemons if needed to distract)

14 -mass drain till all but one is gone

15 -cast death wish on survivor, or steal life as needed, till only 1 round is left on him, be sure to stay shifting

16 -cast freeze or hold/stun on survivor 17 -put on extension spell again

18 -cast shift (extended)

19 -death wish last one

      20- collect gold/mana/statue/baubles      .

21 - leave dungeon, and come back in, already shifting extended.

can leave and come back till group difficulty desired is found.

if you get into trouble, you can try to freeze them all, switch to thaum ammy, heal, re-invuln, wear necro again, cast extension, cast shift, re-berserk, and resume mass draining.

have fun! ; - )

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