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Quick Cash: If you need quick cash--and I mean quick cash--go to Festering Hate Pool. Ignore all the people who recommend other dungeons, such as the Labyrinth, or Targoth's, or the Church of Damnation. I have hunted them all many times and through it all found but 1 good thing in each. But trip through FHP can give you good stuff. Fight the Fury fight, if you can withstand the Furies power, they tend to drop a lot of rings.


Identifying the New Magic Rings: I found a couple of rings dropped as treasure from critters today, but even though I'm 189% SDM (the highest) when I tried to Identify or GiD the rings, they resisted all attempts to identify them, no matter how many times I tried, wearing all intell jewelry, even tried using a Scroll of Identify. As it turns out, the new Magical Rings are 80% resistant to magic, which is why they're so hard to identify.

What finally worked, and works first time every time, is to do what you have to do with Stingers. Engrave the Magical Ring with any old engraving, then GiD it, and voila! The Magical Ring is then identified easily. From what I've seen from other players now, that's the best way. No one else has been able to identify it just using Identify or GiD alone, from what I've seen since on channels.


Protective Shields: Cast both Invulnerability and Greater Shield prior to combat. The Greater Shield serves as an emergency back-up to Invulnerability. The round after Invulnerability falters the Greater Shield will come into action, giving you a few rounds of reduced protection in which to re-cast Invulnerability. Best to keep the Invulnerability going but when the going gets tough the Greater Shield back-up can be a life saver.


Favorite Spells: You can copy your Favorite Spells layout from one character to another. After getting your Favorite Spells list in the order you prefer on one character go to the Windows' File Manager and locate the file with the same name as your character who has the Favorite Spells list you wish to duplicate. Simply copy this file to the name of any of your other characters. The next time you load up the character, his/her Favorite Spells list will be in the exact same order as the first. Spells that were in the first character's list but which your second character doesn't know will not be shown of course.

Example: You have the favorite spells on your character SuperWiz set just the way you like them. You'd like to have the same set up on your character MrWeeny. Open the Windows File Manager, go to the Realm directory and locate the file "mrweeny" (that's mrweeny-dot-nothing, there is no extension on the file). Rename this file to "mrweeny.sav". Now locate the file "superwiz" and copy it to "mrweeny". Load up the Realm and enter the game with MrWeeny, check the favorite spells and - presto - same set up as SuperWiz.

If you wish, you can try my Favorite Spells set-up. Download the following file, copy it to your Realm directory, and rename it to the name of the character(s) with which you wish to use it.


It is strongly advised that you first back-up your character's current Favorite Spells set up by renaming your character file. For example, if your character TestGuy wants to try this Favorite Spells set up, locate the file "testguy" in your Realm directory and rename it to, say, "testguy.sav" and then copy the file "favspell" (contained in the ZIP file you will receive by clicking on the above link) to the Realm directory and rename it "testguy". Load up the Realm, enter the game as TestGuy and check your spells.


Combat Against a Group: When fighting a group, kill the little guy first. The weakest member of a group can be killed the easiest and once gone the damage the group can inflict on you is reduced. That's the key, reducing the damage you absorb while maximizing the damage you inflict.


Spell Casting: Don't use a $10 spell when a dime will do. Cast the spell you need but avoid casting the more powerful version when the additional power is not needed. Casting costs mana and mana costs money. Be fiscally conservative. For example, if you are in combat against a single opponent use Lightning Bolt rather than Electric Fury. If you are hurt and need a heal, gauge your need and if Heal will cover it then don't cast Greater Heal. If you and your group all want to go to the same town, cast Group Teleport instead of Teleport followed by Gather the Fellowship.



Purchasing Craftsmen Supplies: To speed up the buying of your supplies for armorsmithing, weaponsmithing, or alchemy hold down the ESC key. This quickly closes the purchase confirmation window that opens with each item purchased. Holding down the ESC key and clicking rapidly on the Buy button will quickly fill your inventory with the item you are acquiring.



Making Craftsmen Items: To speed up making the same item over and over again, begin as usual by clicking on your hammer or alchemy bowl, selecting Make Item, and then choosing the item you wish to make from the list. After making this first item you save a time when the item selection list appears by using the Spacebar instead of moving you mouse to the list and selecting the item. The Spacebar serves to activate the choice you made previously. Just click on your tool, select Make Item, and then hit the Spacebar. Careful, be sure the Item Selection list has shown up before you hit the Spacebar otherwise you will load up your Text Input line with spaces and that personal message you wanted to /t to your friend will be spoken aloud for anyone in the room to hear.




Dying Items: You don't need to rearrange your inventory to dye a certain item. Drag the bottle(s) of dye to your backpack and put it inside. If your pack is not on the same section of your inventory screen as the dye simply Look In the pack and then drag the dye to the open pack. To dye an item you merely drag the dye from your open pack to the item and select Dye.


Improved Dying Items: An even better method for dying items that are not on the same inventory screen as the bottle of dye is to left click on the dye bottle and hold the mouse button down while hitting the SHIFT key. When the SHIFT key is released the bottle of dye will follow mouse cursor. Hit the inventory arrow to change inventory screens, locate the item you want, and click on it as normal to apply the dye.


Warriors vs. Snakes: Guard on the first round. Do not Attack. Snakes are fast, they can move across the combat screen in a single round but it takes all of their moves to do so. This leaves them in front of you with no moves left and all your attacks ready to go. The Guard order will cause you to attack the snake at the end of his movement, inflicting all your swings without taking any return attacks from the snake. This tactic should work against any opponent that uses all of their movement to cross the screen in a single round. It is also applicable to any class, Wizard, Thief, or Adventurer that wishes to engage the snake in



Group Movement Through Busy Areas: Don't do it. Have consideration for the other players. For example, it is pointless to have a group standing on the Fuloran dungeon entrance screen. Each body there makes it more difficult for other players to get on the screen. Send one player, who has Gather the Fellowship, to wait in line at a dungeon and do not gather the group until the player has entered the dungeon. The same idea holds for the town gatekeeper screens. While it is true the using Teleport Group to move your party to a town costs less mana than Teleport followed by Gather, considerate players can help reduce the teleport screen lag by using Teleport, moving off the gatekeeper screen and then Gathering the group.